shrug noun

ADJ. little, slight, small | careless, indifferent | nonchalant | dismissive | helpless, hopeless, resigned | tired, weary | apologetic | self-deprecating | expressive | mental With a mental shrug, he decided to tell the truth. | Gallic

VERB + SHRUG give The boy gave a slight shrug and walked away.

PREP. in a ~ She lifted her shoulders in a little shrug | with a ~ ‘I don't know,’ she said with a shrug. | ~ of a shrug of resignation

PHRASES a shrug of the shoulders

shrug verb

ADV. lightly, slightly | carelessly, dismissively, indifferently, negligently, nonchalantly She shrugged nonchalantly and turned away. | impatiently, irritably | apologetically | helplessly, ruefully He shrugged helplessly and said nothing. | expressively | just, merely, only, simply He merely shrugged his shoulders in reply. PHRASAL VERBS shrug sth off

VERB + SHRUG be able to, can/could, try to The team have been able to shrug off their recent failures and perform well. | try to

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