shout noun

ADJ. great, loud | low | faint, muffled | distant | sudden | angry, indignant | triumphant | raucous, wild | warning

VERB + SHOUT give, let out | hear I heard her warning shout too late. | be greeted with | give sb (figurative) Give me a shout if you'd like to come with us.

SHOUT + VERB echo, go up A great shout of excitement went up as she crossed the finishing line.

PREP. with a ~ With a shout of pain, he pulled his hand away from the hot stove. | ~ from There were shouts of laughter from the crowd. | ~ of

PHRASES a shout of anger/alarm/pain, a shout of laughter, a shout of victory > Note at SOUND

shout verb

ADV. aloud ‘I'm done for!’ he shouted aloud. | loudly | hoarsely | hysterically, wildly | angrily, furiously | almost He found he was almost shouting. | suddenly | back If they shout at you, shout back! | out

VERB + SHOUT want to | try to | open your mouth to He opened his mouth to shout, but no sound came out. | begin to, start to | hear sb I could hear him shouting down the telephone.

PREP. about What were they shouting about? | above We had to shout above the noise of the engines. | after We shouted after him, but he couldn't hear us. | at There's no need to shout at me! | for We shouted for help. | to He shouted to the lorry driver to stop.

PHRASES keep (on) shouting, shout and scream They were surrounded by people shouting and screaming. | shout at the top of your voice, shout yourself hoarse She shouted herself hoarse, cheering on the team. | start/stop shouting

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