shoot noun

1 new part of a plant

ADJ. fresh, green, new, tender, young | flowering | lateral, side | bamboo

VERB + SHOOT have This plant hasn't got any shoots yet. | develop, produce, put out, send out These shrubs will need more light to produce flowering shoots.

SHOOT + VERB appear, come up, develop, emerge, grow, sport Keep the bulbs in a cool dark place until shoots appear.

2 occasion when you photograph sb/sth

ADJ. fashion, film, photo, photographic, video a five-day photo shoot in Cyprus | location

PREP. on a/the ~ He goes out on shoots with very little equipment.

shoot verb

ADV. straight She practised for days until she could shoot straight. | accidentally He accidentally shot himself in the foot. | fatally Four policemen were fatally shot in the incident. | summarily If caught, the men could be summarily shot as spies. | back If they shoot, we shoot back.

VERB + SHOOT want to | threaten to | be going to I thought for a moment that he was going to shoot. | try to

PREP. at soldiers shooting at a target | with She was shot with a small automatic pistol.

PHRASES shoot (sb) on sight Any intruders will be shot on sight. | shoot sb dead The police shot him dead. | shoot sb in the arm, leg, chest, etc., shoot to kill The soldiers were told to shoot to kill.

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