shield noun

1 used to protect the body

ADJ. riot

VERB + SHIELD be armed with, be equipped with, carry, have | act as Look for something that can act as a shield, like a dustbin lid.

PREP. behind a/the ~ a row of police officers behind their riot shields | on a/the ~ She did not recognize the coat of arms on his shield.

2 sb/sth used for protecting yourself

ADJ. protective | human | nuclear | heat The nose of the space capsule is protected by a heat shield. | breast, face, gum, hand

VERB + SHIELD use sb/sth as They used 400 hostages as human shields. | form

PREP. ~ against The ozone layer forms a shield against harmful solar rays.

shield verb

ADV. partially, partly | carefully He carefully shielded the flame with his cupped hand.

VERB + SHIELD try to trying to shield the children from the full horrors of the war

PREP. against She raised her hand to shield her eyes against the sun. | from new laws to shield companies from foreign competition | with He shielded her with his body.

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