shame noun

1 feeling that you have lost the respect of others

ADJ. deep

VERB + SHAME be filled with, feel | bring, cause His arrest for stealing brought shame on his family. | die of (figurative) I nearly died of shame!

PREP. from ~ She wept from the shame of having let everyone down. | in ~ She shut her eyes in shame. | to your ~ To my shame, I didn't tell Robert about the party. | without ~ He had cried noisily and without shame at the news of Esther's death. | with ~ She blushed with shame. | ~ about/over You feel absolutely no shame over what you did, do you? | ~ at She felt a flush of shame at what she'd done.

PHRASES a cause for shame Her pregnancy was no cause for shame. | a feeling/sense of shame, bow/hang your head in shame He was being held by two security guards, his head bowed in shame.

2 a shame: sth that makes you feel disappointed

ADJ. crying, great, real, terrible, wicked

PREP. ~ about It's a terrible shame about Stuart losing his job, isn't it?

PHRASES a bit of a shame, rather a shame, such a shame, what a shame What a shame you can't come!

shame verb

ADV. publicly The people who did this deserve to be publicly shamed.

PREP. into An outcry from customers has shamed the company into lowering its prices.

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