shade noun

1 area out of the sunlight

ADJ. cool | deep | welcome | dappled | leafy in the leafy shade of a fig tree

QUANT. patch searching for a patch of shade to rest in

VERB + SHADE give (sb), offer (sb), provide (sb with)

PREP. in (the) ~ a plant that grows well in shade sitting in the shade | into the ~ Let's move into the shade. | under the ~ of sitting under the shade of an umbrella | ~ for giving shade for cattle | ~ from The huge trees offered shade from the sun.

PHRASES light and shade

2 type of colour

ADJ. delicate, light, muted, pale, pastel, soft, subtle, translucent The rooms were decorated in delicate pastel shades. | dark, deep, rich, strong His face turned an even deeper shade of red. | bright, vivid | attractive, beautiful | startling, stunning painted in startling shades of pink and orange | autumnal, natural, neutral, warm Towels in warm shades can soften the room.

VERB + SHADE be available in, come in This wool is available in 18 stunning shades.

PREP. in a ~ The sea glistened in shades of blue and emerald. | ~ for our new range of shades for lips and eyes | ~ of He threw out his old suits, all in shades of grey and brown.

3 small difference

ADJ. political reformers of all political shades

PREP. ~ of a word with various shades of meaning

PHRASES shades of opinion

shade verb

ADV. completely | lightly, partially This plant prefers a lightly shaded position.

PREP. against She shaded her eyes against the fierce sun. | from We were completely shaded from the sun by the poplar trees. | with a small town square shaded with trees

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