separate adj.

VERBS be | become | remain | keep sb/sth The women are kept separate from the men. | consider sth

ADV. very, widely I kept my two lives very separate. species from widely separate parts of the world | absolutely, completely, entirely, quite, totally, wholly The waste water is kept entirely separate from the rainwater. | largely | rather, relatively, somewhat | essentially The two groups are essentially separate and independent. | apparently | hitherto, previously to merge the two previously separate businesses | geographically, physically

PREP. from a lifestyle which is quite separate from that of her parents

separate verb

1 move/keep people/things apart

ADV. completely, totally | carefully | clearly These two branches of the science have now become clearly separated. | effectively | easily, readily One cannot easily separate moral, social and political issues. | formally | legally | physically, spatially | out A magnet separates out scrap iron from the rubbish.

VERB + SEPARATE attempt to, try to | be difficult to, be hard to, be impossible to It was impossible to separate the rival fans.

PREP. from separating the boys from the girls | into I separated the documents into two piles.

PHRASES sharply separated The disciplines of science and engineering are not always sharply separated. | widely separated The two groups became widely separated.

2 stop living together

ADV. legally

VERB + SEPARATE decide to

PREP. from She is separated from her husband.

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