search noun

ADJ. careful, exhaustive, extensive, painstaking, systematic, thorough | major, massive, nationwide | desperate, frantic | constant | police | routine Police conducted a routine search of all the houses in the area. | house-to-house | fingertip A team of police officers did a fingertip search of the area. | body, strip I was subjected to a body search by customs officials. | computer, Internet

VERB + SEARCH begin, launch, mount, start The police immediately launched a nationwide search for the killer. | carry out, conduct, do, make The search for the missing men was conducted in poor weather conditions. | abandon, call off The search was called off when it began to get dark.

SEARCH + NOUN operation The police mounted an extensive search operation. | party, team | warrant | engine This is one of the fastest Internet search engines.

PREP. in ~ of We're constantly in search of new talent. | ~ for the search for oil off the coast

search verb

ADV. thoroughly The area has been thoroughly searched. | carefully, diligently, painstakingly | systematically | actively actively searching for something to keep the conversation going | eagerly | desperately, frantically | in vain | aimlessly For the rest of the morning he searched aimlessly through the town. | constantly | around/round I searched around for a thick stick.

PREP. among We searched among the rocks for crabs. | for Police are still searching for the missing child. | in He searched in his pocket and found a few coins. | through searching through a drawer

PHRASES search far and wide, search sth from top to bottom We searched the house from top to bottom. | search high and low I have searched high and low and cannot find them.

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