seal noun

1 animal

QUANT. colony A colony of seals lay basking in the sun.

VERB + SEAL cull Environmentalists claim there is no reason to cull seals.

SEAL + VERB bark

SEAL + NOUN pup | cull

2 for a document

ADJ. wax an official-looking letter with a wax seal

VERB + SEAL break He broke the seal, and opened the envelope.

PHRASES a seal of approval Her report was given the seal of approval by senior management.

seal verb

1 close sth

ADV. carefully, firmly, properly, tightly, well The containers must be carefully sealed so that no air can get in. | completely, totally The unit is completely sealed. | virtually | effectively | hermetically a hermetically sealed container | off, up

PREP. from The nuclear plant would be effectively sealed off from the world. | with He sealed the bag tightly with sticky tape.

2 show formally that sth is agreed

ADV. formally

PHRASES be signed and sealed The contracts are already signed and sealed.

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