scare noun

ADJ. major, terrible a major health scare | minor | bomb | food, health | Aids, BSE, etc.

VERB + SCARE cause | give sb It wasn't a serious heart attack, but it gave him a terrible scare. | get, have

SCARE + NOUN story, tactics The government used scare tactics to get parents to have their children vaccinated against the disease.

PREP. ~ about/over the scare over British beef

PHRASES a bit of a/quite a scare I got a bit of a scare when the police rang.

scare verb

ADV. really | easily He doesn't scare easily.

VERB + SCARE try to

PREP. into They're just trying to scare us into letting out the secret. | with You don't scare me with your threats!

PHRASES scare sb silly/stiff/to death (informal) The very thought of flying scares me stiff. | scare the hell/life/living daylights out of sb (informal) You scared the life out of me, hiding like that! | scare the pants off sb (informal)

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