rush noun

1 sudden quick movement

ADJ. headlong, sudden

PREP. ~ for The film ended, and there was a rush for the exits. | ~ of A rush of water came from the burst pipe.

2 busy period

ADJ. awful, great, mad, tearing | sudden | last-minute | Christmas

RUSH + NOUN decision | job You can see that the painting was a rush job. | hour During the rush hour the journey may take up to twice as long.

PREP. in a ~ I've been in a mad rush all day. | ~ for a last-minute rush for tickets | ~ of a sudden rush of tourist traffic

PHRASES have a rush on We've had a rush on at the office, dealing with the backlog of orders.

rush verb

ADV. headlong, madly a train rushing headlong down the track | immediately | suddenly | about, around, back, home, in, off, out, over, past She was rushing around madly looking for her bag.

PREP. along, from, into, out of, through, to, etc. A surge of joy rushed through her body. He was rushed to hospital.

PHRASES come/go rushing Two men came rushing into the room. | rush to sb's/the rescue Whenever her little brother was upset, Jane rushed to the rescue.

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