roll noun

1 bread

ADJ. bread | crusty, soft | brown, white, wholemeal | buttered, filled | ham, cheese, etc.

2 list of names

ADJ. falling Falling rolls could lead to smaller class sizes.

ADJ. electoral, membership, school

VERB + ROLL strike sb off, remove sb from He should be struck off the roll of solicitors. | call, take The chairman called the roll (= to see if everyone was present).

ROLL + NOUN call Staff evacuated the building and a roll call was taken outside.

PREP. on (the) ~ The local authority has 50,000 pupils on roll. There are 340 children on the school roll.

PHRASES a roll of honour Her name was engraved on sport's roll of honour.

roll verb

1 move by turning over

ADV. slowly | around, away, back, forward, over rolling over and over in the mud

PREP. down A tear rolled slowly down her cheek. | off

2 make sth into the shape of a ball/tube

ADV. tightly She carried the magazine tightly rolled up in her hand. | up

PREP. into He rolled the paper into a tight ball.

3 of a ship/plane

ADV. heavily | to and fro The ship was rolling heavily to and fro.

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