rise noun

1 increase

ADJ. big, dramatic, huge, large, massive, sharp, strong, substantial | modest, slight, small | threefold, 80 per cent, etc. | appreciable, significant | abrupt, rapid, steep, sudden | slow | steady | inexorable, remorseless Unemployment continued its remorseless rise. | general, overall | annual, monthly | interest rate, pay, price, sea-level, tax, temperature, wage, etc. The union is demanding an across-the-board pay rise of 5%.

PREP. on the ~ (= rising) Crime is on the rise. | ~ in a twofold rise in prices | ~ on a rise on last year's levels

2 becoming more powerful/important

ADJ. meteoric, spectacular, swift

PREP. ~ of the rise of capitalism | ~ to His swift rise to the national team surprised everyone.

PHRASES the rise and fall of sth the rise and fall of the Roman Empire | rise to fame/power/prominence a meteoric rise to fame

rise verb

1 move upwards

ADV. majestically the cliffs which rise majestically from the ocean

PREP. from Smoke rose from the chimney.

2 stand up

ADV. slowly

VERB + RISE make to, try to He made to rise but found his legs were not strong enough to support him.

PREP. from She rose slowly from her chair to greet us.

3 get out of bed

ADV. early, late He rose early and went for a walk.

4 increase

ADV. dramatically, markedly, sharply, significantly, steeply, substantially House prices have risen sharply in recent months. | a little, slightly | further, higher | steadily | fast, quickly, rapidly The cost of health care is rising faster than ever.

VERB + RISE be expected to, be likely to, be projected to, be set to Entry standards into the profession are set to rise further. | be unlikely to | begin to | continue to

PREP. above Air pollution has risen above an acceptable level. | by Unemployment has risen by 25,000 this month. | from, in Gas rose in price. | in line with State benefits will rise in line with inflation. | to Inflation rose from 2% to 5% last year.

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