ride noun

ADJ. long, short We have a long ride ahead of us tomorrow. | leisurely We went for a leisurely ride along the canal. | comfortable, easy, smooth (all often figurative) The new legislation did not have a smooth ride through Parliament. | bumpy, rough, uncomfortable It was a bumpy ride along the farm track. (figurative) The new teacher was given a rough ride by the class. | wild He took her for a wild ride on the back of his motorbike. | free He used to get free rides by hiding in the toilet of the train. | bike, bus, cab, car, coach, cycle, gondola, sleigh, taxi, train, tram | camel, donkey, pony | funfair, helterskelter, rollercoaster, white-knuckle (often figurative) The day had been a rollercoaster ride of emotion.

VERB + RIDE have, take Visitors can take a ride on a steam locomotive. | go for She's gone for a ride on her bike. | enjoy | bum, cadge, get, hitch, thumb I managed to cadge a ride with a lorry driver. | give sb

PREP. ~ from The ride from our house to my parents' takes about an hour. | ~ to

ride verb

ADV. fast, hard They rode hard all night. | slowly | steadily | bareback, side-saddle riding bareback on a circus horse | away, back, home, off, on, out, over, past At the end of the film they ride off into the sunset.

VERB + RIDE learn to | teach sb (how) to

PREP. along, down, from, on, through, to, up, etc. riding along a country lane

PHRASES go riding

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