reverse noun

1 opposite

ADJ. exact

VERB + REVERSE do If you tell children to do something, they will often do the exact reverse.

PREP. on the ~ (= on the opposite side) The coin has a date on one side and the emperor's head on the reverse.

2 gear

VERB + REVERSE put sth in/into, throw sth into I put the car in reverse.


3 problem

ADJ. major, serious

VERB + REVERSE experience, have, meet with, suffer Their forces have suffered serious reverses in recent months.

reverse verb

1 move backwards

ADV. carefully She carefully reversed the lorry up the narrow driveway. | slowly | in, out

PREP. into The car reversed into a hedge. | out of He reversed slowly out of the garage.

2 change sth to the opposite

ADV. dramatically, radically | completely, exactly, totally The decline in this industry has now been completely reversed. | almost | partially, partly | simply To solve the puzzle, simply reverse the order of the numbers. | quickly, rapidly | suddenly

VERB + REVERSE seek to, try to | fail to

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