rest noun

ADJ. complete | good, long | little, short | well-deserved, well-earned | bed She's on complete bed rest, antibiotics and plenty of fluids.

VERB + REST find (formal), get, have, take Her heart would find no rest until she knew the truth. Get some rest while you can. I had a good long rest before the party. | need | come to The ball rolled down the hill and came to rest against a tree.

REST + NOUN day, period | area | home

PREP. at ~ At rest (= when not moving) the insect looks like a dead leaf. | ~ from The doctor advised him to take a complete rest from football.

PHRASES a day of rest

rest verb

ADV. casually, gently, lightly, loosely | heavily | comfortably Her head was resting comfortably against his chest. | peacefully, quietly | momentarily | awhile

VERB + REST let sth She let his hand rest heavily on hers.

PREP. against She rested the ladder against the wall. | on/upon His hands rested lightly on her shoulders.

PHRASES rest easy I can rest easy (= stop worrying) knowing that she's safely home. PHRASAL VERBS rest on/upon sth

ADV. solely, squarely It is rare for the responsibility for causing conflict to rest solely on one side. rest with sb

ADV. squarely Surely the blame rests squarely with Sir Ralph? | ultimately The decision ulitmately rests with the council.

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