representative adj.

VERBS be, seem | consider sb/sth

ADV. very | fully, properly, truly | not necessarily | broadly, fairly, reasonably a broadly representative sample | widely Exhibits include a widely representative collection of railway rolling stock. | statistically | nationally a nationally representative picture of the employment situation

PREP. of Is this group of people fully representative of the population in general?

representative noun

ADJ. leading, main | senior | sole I was the sole representative of the general practitioners. | appointed, elected | accredited, authorized, official | local, national, regional | branch | personal | legal | parliamentary, political | council, government | diplomatic | UN | special the UN special representative for Cyprus | permanent the Algerian permanent representative at the UN | military | company, industry, management, trade | sales(also informal rep) She's a sales rep for sports equipment (= she travels around selling sports equipment for a company). | employee, union | student | community, public | club, committee | church

VERB + REPRESENTATIVE appoint, appoint sb (as), choose (sb as), elect, elect sb (as), nominate, nominate sb (as) | send The association is sending representatives to the conference. | recall They have recalled their representatives from the negotiations. | consult (with), meet (with) Management are obliged to consult with union representatives about possible redundancies. | discuss (sth) with

REPRESENTATIVE + VERB attend sth The negotiations were attended by representatives of several states.

REPRESENTATIVE + NOUN body The country has a new supreme representative body.

PREP. ~ for a representative for international shipping companies | ~ from/of representatives from citizens' groups | ~ to representatives to a conference > Note at JOB

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