remedy noun

1 treatment/medicine

ADJ. effective, good | correct | wrong | common | traditional | ancient, old | folk | home | herbal, homoeopathic, natural | cold The player insists that he merely took a cold remedy and not a banned substance.

QUANT. dose One dose of the remedy is sufficient.

VERB + REMEDY take, use | need | try | give sb The remedy was given in different strengths to a group of volunteers. | prescribe (sb) | prepare The remedies are all prepared from wild flowers. | find They're hoping to find a remedy for the condition.

REMEDY + VERB be available | work She tried various remedies, but none of them worked.

PREP. ~ for He took a herbal remedy for his hay fever.

2 way of dealing with a problem

ADJ. adequate, effective, good Your best remedy is to go to the small claims court. | appropriate, suitable | easy, simple There's no easy remedy for unemployment. | common, usual | alternative | desperate, drastic | proposed | civil (law), common/private/public law, contractual, judicial, legal, statutory

VERB + REMEDY have | pursue, seek They will have to seek a judicial remedy for breach of contract. | resort to Desperate remedies were resorted to in the search for food. | exhaust They advised him to exhaust all other remedies before applying to court. | create | offer | afford (sb), grant sb, provide (sb with) remedies afforded to creditors by a bankruptcy order

REMEDY + VERB be available | lie in sth When the reservoir becomes blocked, the only remedy lies in cleaning the entire system.

PREP. ~ against The agreement states that he has a remedy against the subcontractor. | ~ for remedies for breach of contract | ~ in You have a remedy in civil law.

PHRASES rights and remedies The Act created rights and remedies for consumers.

remedy verb

ADV. easily This could easily be remedied if the authorities were willing.

VERB + REMEDY attempt to, seek to, take steps to, try to The government should have taken steps to remedy the situation.

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