recruit noun

ADJ. latest, new, raw, recent raw recruits marching up and down with the drill instructor | possible, potential | young | graduate | army

VERB + RECRUIT find A common way for companies to find new recruits is by taking a stand at a job exhibition. | attract It's difficult to attract recruits when working conditions are so poor. | enlist, gain, sign up Thousands of recruits had been enlisted and partly trained. She tried to gain recruits for the party. | train Army recruits are all trained in first aid. | provide Their business schools provide recruits for domestic industry.

PREP. ~ to new recruits to the party

recruit verb

ADV. directly The specialist institutions directly recruit their own staff. | actively | locally Most of the workers will be recruited locally. | personally She personally recruited the teachers. | specially Staff were recruited specially for the event.

VERB + RECRUIT need to | seek to, try to

PREP. as Peter Watson has been recruited as Sales Manager. | for A hundred patients were recruited for the study. | from Soldiers were recruited from the local villages. | into Some of the men were recruited into the army. | to Ten new members were recruited to the committee.

PHRASES newly/recently recruited

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