pull noun

1 act of pulling

ADJ. sharp | strong | gentle | downward | gravitational the earth's gravitational pull | magnetic (figurative) The magnetic pull of the city was hard to resist.

VERB + PULL give sth I gave the door a sharp pull. | feel (figurative) She felt the pull of her homeland.

PREP. ~ at A gentle pull at her sleeve got her attention. | ~ on He felt a strong pull on the rope.

2 on a cigarette/drink

ADJ. long

VERB + PULL take She took a long pull on her cigarette and sighed.

PREP. ~ at a pull at his flask | ~ on

pull verb

ADV. hard He got hold of the rope and pulled hard. | gently | apart, off, on, out, over She pulled off her boots. He pulled his sweater on. | along, away, back She took his arm and pulled him along. The dog snapped at her and she pulled back her hand.

VERB + PULL try to He tried to pull away. | manage to

PREP. at He pulled at her coat sleeve. | on She pulled on the lever. | towards She pulled him gently towards her.

PHRASES pull (yourself) free John finally managed to pull himself free. | pull yourself to your feet

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