puff noun

1 of air/smoke/wind

ADJ. little, tiny

PREP. ~ of a little puff of smoke

2 on a cigarette/pipe, etc.

ADJ. long | short

VERB + PUFF have, take He took a long puff at his cigar and began his story.

PREP. ~ at/on a puff on her cigarette

puff verb

1 smoke

ADV. furiously, vigorously

ADV. contentedly, happily | thoughtfully | away He puffed away at his cigar.

PREP. at She puffed furiously at her cigarette. | on My father sat puffing contentedly on his pipe.

2 breathe loudly

ADV. hard She was puffing quite hard by the time she reached the office. | loudly

PREP. along, from She was still puffing from the climb. | up puffing up the hill

PHRASES huff and puff/puff and pant She puffed and panted behind the others. | puffing and blowing Far behind us, puffing and blowing, came Matt.

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