promise noun

1 statement that you will do sth

ADJ. big He makes all kinds of big promises he has little intention of keeping. | rash | broken, unfulfilled | empty, false, hollow | vague | binding, firm | campaign, election, pre-election

VERB + PROMISE give sb, make (sb) You gave me your promise I could use the car tonight. I'll consider it, but I make no promises. | fulfil, honour, keep | break, go back on | extract We extracted a promise from them that they would repay the money by May. | hold sb to The Opposition is determined to hold the government to its election promises.

PREP. ~ about They've made all sorts of promises about reforming the health system. | ~ of promises of support

2 signs that sb/sth will be successful

ADJ. considerable, great, real This new venture holds great promise for the future. | early, youthful

VERB + PROMISE hold, show | fulfil, live up to His career failed to fulfil its early promise.

PREP. of ~ a pianist of promise | ~ as She showed great promise as a runner.

PHRASES full of promise The year began so full of promise, and ended in disappointment.

promise verb

ADV. faithfully She promised faithfully that she would come. | solemnly

VERB + PROMISE can/can't | seem to The plan seemed to promise a new beginning.

PREP. to I've promised my old computer to Jane.

PHRASES as promised I am sending you information on holidays as promised. | I can't promise anything I can't promise anything, but I hope to have it finished next week.

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