progress noun

1 movement forwards

ADJ. considerable, dramatic, encouraging, excellent, genuine, good, great, impressive, real, remarkable, significant, substantial | fast, rapid, swift | inexorable | slow, stately We watched the ship's stately progress out of the harbour. | satisfactory, steady | further | academic, educational

VERB + PROGRESS achieve, make | assess, chart, check (on), evaluate, monitor, observe, review, trace, track, watch Regular tests enable the teacher to monitor the progress of each child. | block, hamper, hinder, impede, obstruct, slow (down) | halt, stop | accelerate, facilitate


PREP. in ~ There was a cricket match in progress. | ~ from … to … The book traced his steady progress from petty theft to serious crime. | ~ in He's making good progress in maths. | ~ on How much progress have the builders made on the extension? | ~ towards Who can halt Woods' inexorable progress towards yet another championship? | ~ with She's making steady progress with her thesis.

PHRASES a lack of progress I was frustrated by my apparent lack of progress when I started the violin. | a rate of progress At the present rate of progress we won't be finished before July. | work in progress I have one file for completed work and one for work in progress.

2 improvement in society

ADJ. economic, evolutionary, industrial, medical, scientific, social, technical, technological | human

VERB + PROGRESS hold back

PHRASES the march of progress the onward march of technological progress

progress verb

ADV. satisfactorily, smoothly, well The talks are progressing very well. | further He felt he still needed to progress further in his learning. | rapidly progressing rapidly in his chosen career | slowly The work is progressing quite slowly. | steadily


PREP. beyond Samir failed to progress beyond this first step on the ladder. | from, through allowing students to progress through the stages of the course | to She soon progressed from the basics to more difficult work. | towards slowly progressing towards a new kind of art | up his ambition to progress up the career ladder | with They are keen to progress with the scheme.

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