plant noun

1 living thing

ADJ. attractive | delicate | wild | rare | garden, house, indoor, potted | exotic, tropical | medicinal | food food plants of rare butterflies | crop | poisonous | perennial | aquatic, desert, marsh | bedding, climbing, flowering, ornamental | herbaceous, leguminous | strawberry, tomato, etc.

VERB + PLANT cultivate, grow | water

PLANT + VERB develop, grow | flourish | die | absorb sth, consume sth Plants absorb carbon in the form of carbon dioxide.

PLANT + NOUN roots | growth | life Much of the local plant life has been destroyed by the chemicals. | species, variety | material, matter, tissue | pot | science

2 factory

ADJ. industrial | assembly, manufacturing, production | car | nuclear, power | processing, reprocessing, sewage, treatment, water-treatment a waste reprocessing plant | chemical, petrochemical

VERB + PLANT build | dismantle | manage, run

PLANT + NOUN manager

plant verb

1 put plants/seeds in the ground to grow

ADV. carefully | deliberately weeds that had not been deliberately planted

PREP. in Carefully plant your cutting in the soil. | with The garden was planted with roses and other shrubs.

PHRASES densely/thickly planted a thickly planted orange grove | freshly/newly/recently planted

2 put sth firmly in a place/position

ADV. firmly, solidly, squarely She planted a kiss squarely on his cheek.

PREP. on He was determined to keep both feet firmly planted on dry land.

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