peer noun

1 person of the same age/status

PEER + NOUN group She was rejected by her peer group. | pressure Children often take up smoking because of peer pressure.

PREP. among sb's ~s They adopt behaviour that is more socially acceptable among their peers.

2 person of noble rank

ADJ. Conservative, Labour, etc. | hereditary | life The Act made it possible for a woman to be created a life peer.

PHRASES a peer of the realm > Note at PEER

peer verb

ADV. closely, intently | anxiously, cautiously, nervously | curiously | short-sightedly peering short-sightedly at the book | around/round, down, in, inside, out, up, upwards A face was peering down at him.

VERB + PEER try to

PREP. around/round, at His pale blue eyes peered anxiously at Vic. | into She peered round into the farmyard. | out of She peered out of the window. | over trying to peer over her shoulder | past, through I peered through the letter box.

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