pedal noun

ADJ. accelerator, brake, clutch | foot To stop the machine push the foot pedal. | bicycle | organ, piano | wah/wah-wah Some guitar players tend to overuse the wah-wah pedal.

VERB + PEDAL press, push, put your foot on, step on, use, work Her foot was working the pedal of the sewing machine. | release, take your foot off

PEDAL + VERB control sth, operate sth

PEDAL + NOUN boat, car, cycle | bin

PREP. on a/the ~ with one foot on the pedal

pedal verb

ADV. fast, furiously, hard, like mad, madly He pedalled furiously up the hill. | slowly | away She pedalled away as fast as she could.

PREP. along, down, up He pedalled along the lane and up the hill.

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