pause noun

ADJ. brief, momentary, short, slight, small | long, prolonged | frequent | awkward | pregnant

VERB + PAUSE take Shall we take a pause here?

PAUSE + VERB follow In the pause that followed, I noticed that he was shaking.

PAUSE + NOUN button (on a video recorder, etc.)

PREP. after a/the ~ ‘I don't know,’ he said after a long pause. | in a/the ~ Everyone nodded in agreement in the pauses. | with a/ the ~ He read very slowly and with frequent pauses. | without a/the ~ She read the whole text without a pause. | ~ before There was a long pause before he spoke again. | ~ between in the pauses between his jokes | ~ for a pause for breath | ~ in during a pause in the conversation

pause verb

ADV. briefly, (for) a moment, (for) an instant, momentarily She paused a moment and then walked away. | barely, hardly He spoke for two hours and barely paused for breath. | deliberately She paused deliberately, her eyes holding his. | dramatically, impressively, meaningfully, significantly | reflectively, thoughtfully | irresolutely

PHRASES pause for breath/thought, pause only (long enough) to do sth Pausing only to put out her cigarette, she left the room. | pause to consider/look/reflect/think Just pause to think before giving me your answer. | without pausing Without pausing to knock, she opened the door.

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