pass noun

1 in sport

ADJ. good, perfect | careless, sloppy | long, short | back, cross-field, square (in football) | forward (in rugby) The referee disallowed the try for a forward pass.

VERB + PASS play Ziege played a pass behind the defence to Weiss. | get, pick up, receive | block, intercept

PREP. ~ from Owen picked up a long pass from Beckham to score. | ~ to He played a careless back pass to the goalkeeper.

2 success in exam

ADJ. good | exam, examination, A Level, GCSE, etc.

VERB + PASS get, manage, obtain, scrape She barely scraped a pass in chemistry.

PASS + NOUN mark, rate The pass mark is 40%. | degree Applicants need a good degree pass.

PREP. ~ at It's difficult to obtain a pass at A Level. | ~ in He should get a good pass in mathematics.

3 official piece of paper

ADJ. free | day, monthly, weekend, yearly | bus, rail, railway a monthly rail pass | security | boarding

VERB + PASS have | use | give sb, issue (sb with) The visitors were issued with day passes. | produce, show

PREP. on a ~ soldiers on a weekend pass | ~ to We bought a two-day pass to Disneyland.

4 way through mountains

ADJ. high, low | narrow | mountain

VERB + PASS cross, take

PASS + VERB be blocked

PREP. over a/the ~ struggling over the pass with their donkeys | through a/the ~ building a road through the pass | ~ over We took the high pass over the ridge.

PHRASES the head/summit/top of the pass

pass verb

1 of time

ADV. quickly, soon The time passed quickly. | slowly | peacefully, uneventfully The days passed uneventfully.

VERB + PASS help (to) We played games to help pass the time.

2 law

ADV. unanimously

PREP. by … to … The bill was passed by 360 votes to 280.

4 happen

ADV. peacefully | off The demonstration passed off peacefully.

VERB + PASS come to (formal or old-fashioned) I wondered how it came to pass that a thinking man bore the prejudices of his unthinking parents. | let sth I don't like it, but I'll let it pass (= will not object).

PREP. between They'll never be friends again after all that has passed between them.

PHRASES pass unnoticed In the confusion her departure passed unnoticed.

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