obscure adj.

VERBS be, seem | become The origins of the tradition have become obscure. | remain The motives behind this decision remain somewhat obscure.

ADV. extremely, very | completely, totally | largely | fairly, rather, relatively, somewhat

obscure verb

ADV. completely, totally | almost | largely | half, partially, partly, slightly, somewhat | deliberately All trace of his working-class background was deliberately obscured | easily Solo passages in this register are very easily obscured by other instruments.

VERB + OBSCURE serve to, tend to The emphasis on social integration often served to obscure the real differences within the community. | allow sth to

PREP. behind/beneath The moon was obscured behind a wall of cloud.

PHRASES obscure the fact that … These figures obscure the fact that a lot of older people live in great poverty. | obscure sth from view The house was obscured from view by a high hedge.

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