negative adj.

1 only thinking about/showing sb/sth's bad qualities

VERBS be, feel, seem, sound | become | remain

ADV. distinctly, extremely, strongly, terribly, very the strongly negative implications of these survey results Their attitude was terribly negative. | completely, entirely, exclusively, purely, totally, wholly She spoke in entirely negative terms. | largely, mainly, overwhelmingly | fairly, rather, slightly, somewhat | apparently | essentially Critical thinking is essentially negative as it seeks to dissect and not to build. | generally

PREP. about He's been rather negative about the idea.

2 showing that sth has not happened/been found

VERBS be, prove, test The breathalyser test proved negative. He tested negative for HIV infection.

PREP. for The urine tests were negative for protein.

negative noun

1 denial

VERB + NEGATIVE answer (sth) in, reply in She answered the question in the negative.

2 developed photographic film

ADJ. original | photographic | film, glass

QUANT. strip

VERB + NEGATIVE produce | develop His interest in photography started with him developing negatives that he found lying around the house. | keep We must assume that the spy kept the negatives. | destroy

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