need noun

1 situation where sth is needed/necessary

ADJ. considerable, great, strong | special There is a special need for well-trained teachers. | overriding, overwhelming, paramount | burning, compelling, critical, crying, desperate, dire, driving, immediate, pressing, urgent a crying need for skilled workers These children are in dire need. | real | clear | basic, essential, fundamental | sudden | constant, continuing He's in constant need of treatment. | growing, increased/increasing | reduced | possible | perceived | common our common need for self-preservation | individual | human the human need to order existence | political, social

VERB + NEED feel, have I felt the need to do something. | express Several governments have expressed the need for a cautious approach to the conflict. | demonstrate, prove, show, suggest The incident proved the need for a continuing military presence in the area. | reflect a law reflecting a need for better social conditions | create The war created a need for national unity. | address, fulfil, meet, satisfy | avoid, eliminate, obviate, remove I avoid the need to travel by plane. | reduce | be aware of, be sensitive to | accept, acknowledge, perceive, recognize, see I see no need to do anything hasty. | emphasize, heighten, highlight, reaffirm, stress, underline She stressed the need for cooperation with the authorities. | ignore, overlook | deny The government has denied the need for economic reform. | understand | consider

NEED + VERB exist A need exists to bridge the gap between theory and practice in nursing. | arise The system can be switched to emergency power should the need arise.

PREP. in ~ (of) a campaign to help children in need The room was sorely in need of a fresh coat of paint. | ~ for the need for change

PHRASES any/little/no need There's no need to worry.

2 sth that sb requires

ADJ. basic, essential, fundamental | particular, special, specific a school for children with special educational needs | immediate, pressing | long-term | changing | conflicting | unmet | local | individual | community | customer/customer's, patient/patient's | human Energy for cooking is a basic human need. | humanitarian | material, physical material needs of food and drink | dietary | health care, medical | biological, bodily, emotional, physical, psychological, sexual, spiritual | educational | political, social | business | operational | energy | information

VERB + NEED be responsive to, be sensitive to | address, cater for/to, cover, fulfil, meet, provide (for), respond to, satisfy, serve, supply a new union set up to address the needs of seasonal labourers

£10 a day was enough to cover all his needs. We have now met most of the humanitarian needs of the refugees. | suit, tailor sth to The coaching is informal and tailored to individual needs. | identify | assess, consider

PHRASES needs and desires, sb's every need Our staff will cater to your every need.

need verb

ADV. badly, desperately, really, urgently She needed some money badly. Research is urgently needed into the causes of this illness. | certainly, definitely | clearly, obviously | just, only, simply I just need some information. | hardly You hardly need me to tell you that your father is still very frail and must not be upset. | not necessarily These people may need 24-hour attention, but they do not necessarily need to be in hospital. | no longer | still

VERB + NEED be going to | be expected to, be likely to, may well You may well need to look outside your preferred area to find affordable accommodation.

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