narrow adj.

1 not wide

VERBS be, look, seem | become, get

ADV. extremely, very | a bit, fairly, quite, rather, relatively The pass gets quite narrow towards the east.

2 limited

VERBS be, seem | become

ADV. excessively, extremely, peculiarly, very | increasingly | comparatively, fairly, quite, rather, relatively, somewhat

PREP. in people who are rather narrow in outlook

narrow verb

1 of a road/river/gap/range

ADV. considerably | a bit, a little, slightly The river narrows a little here. | sharply The gap between the two parties narrowed sharply in the days before the election. | steadily

PREP. to By the final round the gap had narrowed to three votes.

2 of eyes

ADV. fractionally, slightly Though her eyes narrowed fractionally, she made no comment. | suddenly | dangerously, shrewdly, speculatively, suspiciously, thoughtfully The blue eyes narrowed thoughtfully.

PREP. against Her eyes narrowed against the sun. | at His eyes suddenly narrowed at the sight of her. | to His eyes narrowed to slits. | with His eyes narrowed with suspicion.

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