monitor noun

1 television/computer screen

ADJ. colour | CCTV, computer, television/TV, video

PREP. on a/the ~ The security staff can see all the outside of the building on their CCTV monitors.

2 machine that records/checks sth

ADJ. foetal, heart, oxygen, pulse, radiation

MONITOR + VERB detect sth | show sth The heart monitor shows the strength of your pulse.

3 sb who checks sth is done fairly/properly

ADJ. EU, UN UN monitors declared the referendum fair. | school | health, peace

monitor verb

ADV. carefully, closely, rigorously, strictly Television advertising is strictly monitored. | regularly, routinely, systematically | constantly, continuously | effectively, properly | automatically

VERB + MONITOR be able to We will now be able to monitor its progress more closely. | continue to The authorities will continue to monitor the situation.

PREP. for The workers are constantly monitored for exposure to radiation.

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