mix noun

ADJ. good, right a party with just the right mix of people | judicious | curious, odd, strange | fascinating, interesting, intriguing | rich | heady, potent, powerful | eclectic an eclectic mix of theatrical styles | broad | cosmopolitan | cultural, ethnic, racial | marketing, product | cake a packet of cake mix | concrete, mortar

VERB + MIX contain, have

MIX + VERB vary The precise mix will vary.

PREP. ~ of The college has a broad mix of students.

mix verb

1 combine things

ADV. thoroughly, well Mix all the ingredients together thoroughly. | gently When the rice is cooked, gently mix in all the other ingredients. | in, together

PREP. with Mix yellow with blue to make green.

PHRASES mix and match/pick and mix (= combine things in different ways for different purposes) You can mix and match courses to suit your requirements.

2 meet people

ADV. easily, well a child who mixes well at school | freely Whites and blacks mixed freely at dance halls and clubs. | happily | socially They had attended university together and often mixed socially.

PREP. with She mixed happily with the other children.

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