mention noun

ADJ. brief, passing | special | earliest, first The earliest mention of the village is in a 16th-century manuscript.

VERB + MENTION deserve My cousin deserves a mention for all his hard work. | get, receive His professor gets a mention in the acknowledgements. | make Special mention must be made of Yuki Yamagishi's wonderful performance as the doctor. | hear I've heard no mention of a salary increase this year.

PREP. at the ~ of At the very mention of his name, Kate started shaking with fright.

mention verb

ADV. already, earlier, just, previously, so far As already mentioned, the legislation does not consider low pay as an acceptable reason for turning down a job. This aspect is discussed further by Crane, whom I mentioned earlier. All the approaches mentioned so far are fairly conventional. | commonly, frequently | rarely, seldom | briefly, in passing He only mentioned his work in passing. | casually I casually mentioned that I might be interested in working abroad. | directly, explicitly, expressly, specifically She did not specifically mention your name. | inadvertently | barely, hardly, scarcely | not actually, not at all Although she didn't actually mention the move, I am sure that was in her mind. My name wasn't mentioned at all.

VERB + MENTION fail to, forget to, omit to

PREP. as Next spring has been mentioned as a possible time for the event. | in She didn't mention the economy in her speech. | in connection with sth I was very angry when I saw my name mentioned in connection with an incident that had absolutely nothing to do with me. | to Please don't mention this to Sally.

PHRASES avoid mentioning sb/sth He avoided mentioning his family. | be worth mentioning sth At this point, it is worth mentioning that many people who were adopted as babies have no desire to meet their biological parents. | mentioned above/below In the example mentioned above, either method of construction could have been used. | mentioned in dispatches Wounded in action, he was twice mentioned in dispatches. | mention the fact that … , not to mention (= used to add extra information) He has two big houses in this country, not to mention his villa in France. | now you come to mention it Now that you come to mention it, he did say something about a ghost. | to mention but a few plumbers, printers, dyers, glaziers and potters, to mention but a few

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