measure noun

1 official action to deal with a problem

ADJ. appropriate, effective, necessary, practical We urge you to adopt all necessary measures to guarantee people's safety. | important, key, special | simple | desperate, draconian, drastic, extreme, harsh, radical, repressive, strong, tough | emergency, urgent | interim, short-term, temporary | defensive, precautionary, preventative | disciplinary, punitive | corrective, remedial | safety, security New security measures implemented to prevent further violence. | austerity, cost-cutting, economy, efficiency | economic, policy | government

QUANT. package, range, series a package of measures aimed at cutting pollution

VERB + MEASURE adopt, implement, impose, introduce, take Special measures are being taken to protect the local water supplies. | propose, suggest

MEASURE + VERB be aimed at sth, be designed to, be intended to

PREP. ~ against tougher measures against racism | ~ for measures for reducing delays

2 amount/quantity of sth

ADJ. broad, considerable, fair, generous, great, significant, substantial, wide

PREP. ~ of He poured me a generous measure of whisky.

PHRASES in large/some measure His success was due in large measure to your help. | in equal measure, in no small measure

3 unit of size/quantity

ADJ. accurate, direct, objective, precise

PREP. ~ of an accurate measure of length

PHRASES weights and measures

4 sign of sth

ADJ. crude, simple, true, useful

PREP. ~ of Landed income was the true measure of the gentry. > Note at MEASURE

measure verb

1 find the size of sth

ADV. accurately, exactly, precisely | carefully | directly Any type of data that could not be directly measured was rejected. | easily | experimentally | up We need to measure the room up for a new carpet.

VERB + MEASURE be able to, can/cannot You can now measure its length more accurately. | be easy to, be possible to | be difficult to, be hard to, be impossible to

PREP. for She's being measured for her wedding outfit. | in Cloth is measured in metres.

2 judge the importance/value/effect of sth

ADV. easily The policy's impact cannot be easily measured. | effectively | objectively

VERB + MEASURE can/cannot | be easy to, be possible to | be difficult to, be hard to, be impossible to It is hard to measure the benefits to society of this scheme. | be used to the criteria that are used to measure performance

PREP. according to Is it really possible to measure the skills of such jobs according to objective standards? | against The school's performance is measured against a strict set of criteria. | by The policy's effectiveness cannot be measured by numbers alone. | in terms of Success cannot be measured merely in terms of the size of your salary.

PHRASES a method/way of measuring sth

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