lift noun

1 machine for taking people/goods up and down

ADJ. private, service The hotel has a private lift linking it to the beach. | baggage, goods, passenger, wheelchair | electric, hydraulic | basket, chair, gondola | ski

VERB + LIFT go down in, go up in/on, take We took the lift down to the ground floor. | operate

LIFT + VERB serve sth The lift serves the top four floors of the building. | arrive

LIFT + NOUN button | doors | shaft | attendant | pass You'll need your lift pass for the ski lifts.

2 free ride in a car, etc.

ADJ. free

VERB + LIFT ask for, cadge, hitch, thumb We stood by the roadside and thumbed a lift. | give sb, offer sb | accept Don't accept lifts from strangers.

PHRASES a lift back/home He offered us a lift home.

3 feeling of increased happiness/excitement

ADJ. great, huge, real Winning the semi-final gave the team a huge lift.

VERB + LIFT give sb | get

lift verb

1 raise/move sb/sth

ADV. almost, half Her hugged her, almost lifting her off the ground. | fractionally, a little, slightly | slowly | sharply Her head lifted sharply | carefully, gently, gingerly Carefully lift the cake off the tray and cool on a wire rack. | bodily She was lifted bodily aboard by two sailors. | back, down, out, up She lifted back the sheet.

VERB + LIFT can/could barely/hardly The box was so heavy I could barely lift it. | try to | manage to | be too heavy to

PREP. above He stood, legs apart, arms lifted above his head. | down She leaned on him and he half lifted her down the stairs. | from He felt as if an enormous weight had been lifted from his shoulders. | into The heavy beams were lifted into place. | off She lifted the book up off the table. | out of He lifted the baby out of its cot. | over She lifted the child over the fence. | to Juliet nodded, lifting her face to David's.

2 remove a law/rule

ADV. completely | partially The police managed to restore calm and the curfew was partially lifted.

VERB + LIFT agree to, decide to, vote to The government decided to lift the ban on arms exports. | refuse to

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