lie noun

ADJ. big, monstrous, (whopping) great He told a whopping great lie! | little | complete, downright, outright That's a downright lie! | white A little white lie is surely excusable. | deliberate | barefaced, blatant, obvious, transparent | elaborate a web of elaborate lies

VERB + LIE tell (sb) | believe, swallow How could she swallow such a blatant lie? | live He lived a lie for thirty years, pretending to be the faithful husband of two different women living in two different towns.

LIE + NOUN detector

PHRASES a pack/tissue/web of lies

lie verb

1 be in a flat position

ADV. down He was lying down on the bed.

PREP. on She lay on her stomach.

PHRASES lie asleep/awake I used to lie awake at night worrying about it. | lie face down/prostrate lying face down in the mud | lie flat lying flat on the floor | lie motionless/still Lie still while I put the bandage on. | lie sprawled She lay sprawled on the sofa.

2 say sth that is not true

ADV. convincingly He was unable to lie convincingly. | easily

PREP. about She lied about her age. | to Don't lie to me.

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