level adj.

1 with no part higher than any other

VERBS be, look, seem | get sth, keep sth Make sure you get the shelf level before screwing it in. Keep the pot level, or you'll spill the coffee.

ADV. absolutely, completely The floor has got to be absolutely level. | approximately, more or less

2 at the same height/position as sth

VERBS be | come, draw As they reached the final bend, Graham drew level and threatened too overtake him.

ADV. almost

PREP. with The top of the water came level with her chin.

level noun

1 amount/size/number

ADJ. high, record, significant, substantial Industrial output has reached record levels. | increasing, rising | excessive Excessive levels of lead were found in the water. | low | decreasing, falling | varying keen amateurs who work hard, with varying levels of success | generous a generous level of financial support for the arts | permitted, recommended, required permitted levels of chemical pollutants | acceptable, adequate, necessary, normal, realistic, reasonable, safe an acceptable level of risk Her blood pressure has returned to its normal level. | dangerous, unacceptable | worst the worst level of business failure since 1997 | noise, pollution, radiation | crime | blood-sugar, cholesterol, hormone, etc. | stress

VERB + LEVEL achieve, reach They have achieved higher levels of efficiency. Crime has reached its highest level ever. | remain at She predicts that fuel prices will remain at current levels. | improve, increase, raise | maintain | bring down, control, decrease, keep down, lower, reduce | change | set Emissions are well below the levels set by the World Health Authority. | exceed There will be stiff penalties if companies exceed these levels of pollution.

LEVEL + VERB go up, rise, soar | fall, go down, plummet | change, vary

PREP. above a/the ~ Mortgage rates were 10% above their current level. | at a/the ~ Rents will be kept at this level for another year. | below a/the ~ Radiation is well below the permitted level.

2 stage of progress/standard

ADJ. basic, elementary, low The teaching is at quite a basic level. | entry They have a good range of entry-level computers for beginners. | intermediate | advanced, high Her illness has reached an advanced level. | degree | difficulty The difficulty level of the exercises in the book varies widely. | fitness a sport suitable for people of all fitness levels

VERB + LEVEL attain, reach students who have reached the intermediate level | complete, do, take You need to do all three levels to qualify as a canteen supervisor.

PREP. above a/the ~ His English is way above the level of the other students. | at a/the ~ students at intermediate level She has played tennis at a high level. | below a/the ~ The book is not suitable for students below degree level.

3 grade in an organization or structure

ADJ. high, upper the upper levels of the civil service | low | senior | global, international, local, national, regional | grass-roots The party needs to win support at grass-roots level. | ministerial | board These decisions are made at board level.

VERB + LEVEL reach, rise to He rose to the level of general manager.

PREP. at a/the ~ At the local level there's a lot to be said for the plan. | on a/the ~ The thing has got to be organized on an international level.

4 way of considering sth

ADJ. conscious, unconscious At a conscious level, I was quite satisfied with my life. | deep | superficial | detailed We probably need to look at this problem at a more detailed level. | general | practical | theoretical | political

PREP. at a/the ~, on a/the ~ On a superficial level everything appears to be in order, but at a deeper level you an see that there's a lot wrong.

5 height

ADJ. high, low | ground, sea, water the problem of rising sea levels | eye a shelf at eye level

VERB + LEVEL adjust, change, lower, raise They are going to raise the level of the banks to prevent flooding.

PREP. above a/the ~ 200m above sea level | at a/the ~ The plane was flying at a very low level. | below a/the ~ below the level of the cloud | on a ~ with On the second floor you are on a level with the treetops. | to a/the ~ The water rose to the level of the ground floor windows.

PHRASES a change in/of level

6 floor in a building

ADJ. ground, lower | higher, top, upper

PREP. on a/the ~ Are we on the right level for the restaurant? | to a/the ~ Take the lift to Level Four.

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