lack noun

ADJ. profound, serious, severe | conspicuous, distinct, notable, obvious There was a distinct lack of urgency in his manner. | complete, sheer, total a complete lack of confidence | relative | abysmal an abysmal lack of knowledge

PREP. by ~ of The situation was worsened by lack of communication. | for ~ of They lost the game, but not for lack of trying. | from ~ of She thought she would collapse from lack of sleep. | through ~ of I've lost those skills through lack of practice. | ~ of I couldn't hide my lack of enthusiasm.

PHRASES no lack of sth There is certainly no lack of interest in the subject.

lack verb

ADV. really | completely, entirely She completely lacks confidence. | apparently He apparently lacked the desire to learn. | clearly, conspicuously, manifestly, obviously | simply Perhaps you simply lack the intelligence to realize just how serious this is? | otherwise Her high-heeled shoes gave her the height she otherwise lacked. | somehow His claim somehow lacked conviction.

VERB + LACK appear to, seem to His life seemed to lack direction.

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