kick noun

1 act of kicking

ADJ. good, hard, hefty, painful | corner, free, goal, overhead, penalty, spot (all in football) | high an energetic performer using dance routines and high kicks

VERB + KICK give sb/sth Give the door a good kick if it won't open. | get, receive He had received a painful kick on the knee.

PREP. ~ at a kick at goal | ~ by/from a kick from Maynard in the last minute of the game | ~ in a kick in the stomach | ~ on a kick on the ankle | ~ to a kick to the ribs

2 feeling of great pleasure/excitement

ADJ. real

VERB + KICK get He gets a real kick out of mending something so that it can be used again. | give sb It gave the youngsters a kick to see their own play on television.

PREP. for ~s They don't really want the things they steal. They just do it for kicks.

kick verb

1 hit sb/sth with your foot

ADV. hard, savagely, vigorously Don't kick the ball too hard. | deliberately | repeatedly Foster admitted punching and kicking the man repeatedly. | around The boys were kicking a ball around in the yard.

PREP. against She could feel the baby kicking against her stomach wall. (figurative) Young people often kick against convention. | at She kicked at the loose pebbles by the roadside. | in They threw him to the ground and kicked him hard in the stomach. | on She kicked me on the knee.

PHRASES kick a door down/open/shut Suddenly the far door was kicked open. | kick sb to death

2 move your feet in the air

ADV. frantically, wildly He rolled over in the sand, kicking wildly.

PREP. out at The horse kicked out at the yapping dog.

PHRASES drag sb kicking and screaming The police had to drag her kicking and screaming out of the house. | kick your legs/your legs kick The little boy was now lying on his back kicking his legs in the air. I was carried upstairs, arms waving and legs kicking.

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