iron noun

1 metal

ADJ. rusty | cast, corrugated, galvanized, wrought a hut with a corrugated iron roof | pig | scrap

VERB + IRON make, produce, smelt Germany produced enormous quantities of coal, iron and steel. | be rich in, contain foods that are rich in iron | be made from/(out) of, be cast in a bridge made of wrought iron

IRON + VERB go rusty, rust

IRON + NOUN ore mining iron ore locally | bar, ingot | filings | industry | foundry, works | deficiency patients with iron deficiency | tablets I was put on iron tablets for my anaemia.

2 tool

ADJ. cool, hot, warm | electric, steam | travel

VERB + IRON use Use a cool iron on synthetics.

PHRASES run an iron over sth I just need to run an iron over my shirt, then I'm ready.

iron verb

ADV. beautifully, carefully, properly Her clothes were always beautifully ironed.

PHRASES freshly/newly ironed a neat pile of freshly ironed shirts | need ironing My jeans need ironing.

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