hate noun

1 strong feeling of dislike

ADJ. absolute, naked, pure In her eyes he could see naked hate.

VERB + HATE be filled with, be full of, burn with He burned with hate for everyone and everything.

HATE + NOUN campaign, figure, mail victim of a vicious hate campaign She became a hate figure for politicians on the left.

PREP. ~ for full of hate for the people who had betrayed her

2 sb/sth you hate

ADJ. pet Jazz has always been a pet hate of mine.

hate verb

ADV. particularly, really | absolutely I absolutely hate cooking. | almost For a moment she almost hated him. | just Don't you just hate people who are always right? | always I always hated school. | still

VERB + HATE begin to, come to, grow to He came to hate the town, with its narrow prejudices. | love to the media baron all the socialists love to hate

PREP. for He hated me for standing up to him.

PHRASES hate it when I hate it when you lose your temper like that.

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