gulp noun

1 amount you swallow when you gulp

ADJ. deep, great, huge, large, long

VERB + GULP take She took a large gulp of wine from the bottle.

PREP. in ~s She drank the tea in great gulps. | ~ of

2 act of gulping

ADJ. loud, noisy

VERB + GULP give He gave a loud gulp and stopped mid-sentence.

PREP. with a ~ ‘I'm afraid I've broken it,’ she said with a gulp.

PHRASES at a/one gulp, in one/a single gulp He downed half the contents of the glass in one loud gulp.

gulp verb

1 eat/drink sth quickly

ADV. greedily | noisily | down She gulped down her coffee and left.

2 make a swallowing movement

ADV. nervously ‘Do you know where she is?’ asked Chris. The man gulped nervously and nodded.

PHRASES gulp for air/breath Keith swam to the surface and gulped for air.

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