guess noun

ADJ. fair, good, reasonable, safe April is the best guess for first deliveries. | calculated, educated, informed, inspired, intelligent As a vet, he could make an educated guess as to what was wrong with his stomach. | rough, wild At a rough guess, I'd say we're about twenty miles from home. | lucky ‘How did you know?’‘It was just a lucky guess.’

VERB + GUESS have, hazard, make, take If you don't know the answer, have a guess. If I might hazard a guess … | give sb ‘Where's Tom?’ ‘I'll give you three guesses!’ (= the answer is fairly obvious and you should guess it easily)

PREP. at a ~ At a guess, I'd say there's a problem with the fuel pump. | ~ about/as to/at He made a wild guess as to how much the piano might cost.

guess verb

ADV. correctly, right | incorrectly, wrong Jane had guessed wrong about who was responsible for the fire. | never You'll never guess what she told me.

VERB + GUESS can/could Can you guess his age? | can only We can only guess how fast a dinosaur might have run. | try to | be easy to, not be difficult to, not be hard to It's not hard to guess where they went.

PREP. at I was only guessing at her age. | from She guessed from his expression that he had not won.

PHRASES could/might/should have guessed So it was Rob who broke the window? I might have guessed! | let me guess What star sign are you? No, let me guess.

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