grin noun

ADJ. big, broad, huge, large, wide | faint, feeble | friendly, sympathetic | infectious | lazy | fatuous, foolish, goofy, silly | boyish, cheeky, impish, mischievous, sly Edmund looked up with an impish grin. | bashful, sheepish | sickly | rueful, sardonic, wry | self-deprecatory, self-mocking | knowing | insane, manic | grim, humourless, mirthless | evil, ferocious, hideous, wicked, wolfish | crooked, lopsided | gap-toothed, toothless, toothy

VERB + GRIN crack, force, give (sb) He gave the photographer a big grin. | break into, split into The old man's face broke into a grin. | hide, restrain, stifle She tried to stifle a grin.

GRIN + VERB broaden, grow broader/wider, widen | appear, spread across/over sth A mischievous grin spread across the little girl's face. | disappear, fade His wry grin faded.

PREP. with a ~ ‘Fooled you!’ he said, with a cheeky grin. | ~ at a grin at his wife | ~ of a grin of triumph

PHRASES take/wipe the grin off your face Take that grin off your face! | wipe the grin off sb's face I'll soon wipe that silly grin off her face.

grin verb

ADV. broadly, widely He appeared in the doorway grinning broadly. | weakly | crookedly | cheerfully, happily | amiably | cheekily, impishly, mischievously | triumphantly | inanely | sheepishly He just stood there, tongue-tied and grinning sheepishly. | apologetically, ruefully, wryly She grinned apologetically when she saw him. | unrepentantly | conspiratorially | wickedly | maliciously, wolfishly | sourly | back, down, up She relaxed and grinned wickedly back at him. He lay grinning impishly up at me.

PREP. at He stopped eating to grin at me. | to She grinned to herself at the thought. | with They grinned with pleasure.

PHRASES grin from ear to ear She looked at us, grinning from ear to ear.

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