gleam noun

1 soft light

ADJ. dull, faint | distant

PREP. ~ of the distant gleam of the sea

PHRASES a gleam of light a faint gleam of light from the doorway

2 in sb's eyes

ADJ. cold, dark, strange | predatory, speculative | mischievous, sardonic, wicked | sudden

VERB + GLEAM have He had a speculative gleam in his eyes.

GLEAM + VERB come into/enter/light sb's eye/eyes A sudden gleam came into her eye as she remembered that tomorrow was her day off.

PREP. ~ of A gleam of laughter lit his eyes.

PHRASES a gleam in sb's eye/eyes

gleam verb

ADV. dully, faintly, softly The knife's blade gleamed dully in the dark.

PREP. with The long oak table gleamed with polish.

PHRASES gleam golden, white, etc. The pebble beach gleamed white in the moonlight.

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