gaze noun

ADJ. direct, fixed, level, steady, unblinking, watchful She felt embarrassed under his steady gaze. | intense, intent, penetrating, piercing, searching | clear | cold, cool, hard, steely, stony | admiring, angry, critical, etc. | blue, brown, dark, grey His deep blue gaze held hers. | public (figurative) Pop stars are constantly exposed to the public gaze.

VERB + GAZE direct, fix (sb with), focus, turn They fixed their gaze on the dark line of the coast ahead. She fixed him with a level gaze. He turned his gaze on me. | meet She refused to meet my gaze. | hold | follow I followed her gaze and spotted a new arrival at the far side of the room. | avert, drop, lower She deliberately averted her gaze when he came in. | avoid She avoided his gaze.

GAZE + VERB drift, flick, flicker, fly, move, rake (sth), roam (sth), run, shift, slide, sweep (sth), travel, wander His gaze flickered an instant. His gaze flickered over the room. | follow sth Her gaze followed Simon's through the archway. | fix on sth, lock (with sth), meet sth Her gaze fixed on his and held it unblinkingly. His gaze locked with hers. | hold sth | linger, rest Rebecca's gaze rested on the child thoughtfully. | fall Her gaze fell on Kate's tousled hair. | narrow The dark gaze narrowed.

PREP. under sb's ~ He blushed under her angry gaze.

gaze verb

ADV. calmly, steadily | intently, unblinkingly He gazed unblinkingly into the distance. | absently, blankly, unseeingly He gazed absently at the passing crowd. | thoughtfully | admiringly, adoringly, fondly, longingly She gazed admiringly up at him. | down, out, up gazing out over the lake

PREP. at gazing at her beautiful jewellery | in They gazed in wonder at the mighty peaks. | into She gazed steadily into his face.

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