gauge noun

1 measuring instrument

ADJ. accurate | fuel, oil, petrol | depth, pressure, temperature

VERB + GAUGE check, glance at, look at, read The pilot checked the fuel gauge frequently.

GAUGE + VERB read sth, show sth, tell sb sth The petrol gauge was reading ‘full’. The depth gauge tells you how deep you have dived.

2 distance between rails

ADJ. broad, narrow, standard

VERB + GAUGE adopt Eventually all the British railway companies adopted the standard gauge of 4 feet 8,1/2 inches.

3 fact for judging sth

ADJ. reliable, useful

VERB + GAUGE be seen as, serve as This company is seen as a gauge of Britain's industrial well-being.

PREP. ~ of

gauge verb

ADV. accurately, correctly | carefully

VERB + GAUGE be able to, can/could | try to | be difficult to, be hard to, be impossible to It is difficult to gauge accurately how much fuel is needed

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