frown noun

ADJ. deep, heavy | faint, quick, slight, small, tiny | puzzled, thoughtful, worried | angry, black, fierce, grim, warning | deepening

VERB + FROWN give The boy gave a small frown. | wear She wore a worried frown. | crease into, pucker into, wrinkle in Her face creased into a frown. | be drawn/draw together in His brows drew together in a frown.

FROWN + VERB deepen, grow darker/deeper Her frown grew deeper at the memory. | crease sth Her frown creased her forehead. | marr sth A frown marred his handsome features. | cross sth, touch sth A frown crossed her brow.


PREP. with a ~ | ~ of a frown of concentration/disapproval/puzzlement

PHRASES a frown in your eyes He looked at her with a puzzled frown in his eyes. | a frown on your face

frown verb

ADV. darkly, deeply, heavily, sharply | slightly | impatiently | thoughtfully She studied the letter, frowning thoughtfully.

PREP. at She turned and frowned at him. | in He looked at the coded message, frowning in concentration. | with He frowned with annoyance.

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